our ensemble

Ann Joseph

Bakesta King

TaRon Patton

Ericka Ratcliff

Samuel Roberson, Jr.

Alexis J. Rogers

Derrick Sanders

Monifa Sims

Tracey Bonner

Aimee K. Bryant

Daniel Bryant

Ronald L. Conner

Aaron Todd Douglas

Allen Gilmore

Anthony Irons

Javon Johnson

Will Sims II


Congo Square Theatre Company is a professional ensemble based organization who champions the African American experience by producing definitive and transformative theatre, spawned from the African Diaspora, to enlighten, educate, and inspire everyone. Congo Square Theatre Company seeks to establish itself as an institution of multicultural theatre globally.


Christopher Audain
Constance Jones
Alvin Goldfarb
Tanya Pietrkowski
Michael Pitts
Charles Smith
Hugh Williams
James Wooten